Notes These are _slow_ rides, no hammering please Let the instructors know if you need to leave Please stay to the right, share the road Helmets recommended MTBs not recommended Aero bars not recommended Food recommended, did everyone eat breakfast? No flat tires :-) (bring spares) 1) PACE LINE SKILLS (open road, groups of 8 to 12): * double pace line (3 laps) * single pace line (2 laps), rotating(1 lap) * looking back (1 lap) Common mistakes: inconsistent pace (not the same as inconsistent effort) think/count cadence close gaps gradually maintain gap ahead, 1.5 - 3 ft maintain gap beside, .5 - 1.5 ft avoid braking too hard (including stops) avoid sudden movements Pulling off: move over gradually reduce pace only after fully 'pulled off' reduce pace only enough to drift slowly to the back stay on next wheel in a rotating paceline stay close to the riders next to you, keep the group parallel and tight don't pull off too far, leave just enough room to clear handlebars be aware of changes with cross-winds always pull off into the wind in heavy traffic pulling off leftwards, into the traffic (look first) Misc: keep looking up the road, even from the back of the group point out unusual obstacles (depending on group) don't allow wheels to 'overlap' pull duration depends on group size & fatigue bumping shoulders is ok, bumping handlebars is not (generally) use your elbow if necessary downhill requires additional effort from front rider(s) (never coast at the front but especially not on descents) Practice looking back (very important) and listening (especially when pulling off into traffic) goal is to keep straight line while looking aside and behind: * while riding single file * in a double pace line (put hand on neighbor's shoulder) 2) MANEUVERING SKILLS (parking lot): * hard braking in a straight line using front (& rear) brake rear wheel lift (listen for scuffing/skidding) * hopping both wheels equally sideways hops (advanced skill) railroad tracks (very advanced) (demo) curbs, one wheel at a time * cornering lean: inside knee out, bike leaned in to pedal through lean bike out see descending article in rec.bicycles FAQ straighten line before poor traction sections transitions, apexing and optimal lines (advanced) adjust for visibility, equipment, weather, ... know your margin of error * (demo) track stands Equipment tires / tread / inflation rims brake adjustment frame angles, rigidity headset 3) DESCENDING SKILLS (winding descent): * (demo) lean, transition, line/apexing, center line visibility, margin of error relaxation cornering vs. breaking passing other riders concentrate up the road hopping, gravel, cars wet weather Roger Marquis (