1) Grease the cleat bolts and tighten moderately. NOTE: it can be *difficult* to tighten the bolts so they are loose enough to allow cleat movement but tight enough to stay in one place while clipping-out. Depending one the pedals it may be easier to have someone mark the cleat position with a pencil before dismounting.

2) Sitting on the bike, put your feet in the pedals and adjust until:
    2B) The ball of your foot is directly above or, more commonly, slightly behind the pedal axle and,

    2C) The inside edge of your ankle is approximately parallel with the inside edge of the ball of the foot. This position should feel natural and comfortable when first tried out.
Cleats positioned too far forward (on the shoe) can cause excessive ankle movement and result in Achilles strain. When positioned too far back they will be ergonomically inefficient and can cause knee strain.

3) Tighten the cleat bolts fully and go out for a ride. If the position just doesn't feel right repeat steps 1 and 2 with small modifications.

Consider also finding a bike shop that does Fit Kits. Many people recommend it for problematic shoes and pedals.

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